Money Well Spent?


Someone spent hard-earned cash on photography for each of the listings below.  Which agent got the best photos for their money?  Which sellers are going to have a word with their agent?

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BadPhoto34The phot0 above is an HDR image of a $450k listing taken by a field photographer from a national franchise. Notice the unnatural halo/discoloration around the window of the exterior door. Is the discoloration a mildew stain, dirt or worn paint?  Probably not. Its just a typical artifact of HDR.  Also notice the view out of the door’s window is not clear.  The whole point of HDR is to get clean, crisp window views.  It seldom happens.

From a $690k listing.  Please help the photographer find the lost focus switch.  Next, let’s help them compose for proper verticals.

A picture of nothing from a $600k listing.  HOLD ON!

A017Tack sharp, properly composed, natural light photography presents this modest $260k home realistically and beautifully.  No HDR needed to get a crisp, clear view out of the glass door.  EVERY home looks good in natural light.

ColorBandit specializes in natural light photography.  Your seller deserves nothing less.

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